We make photographs for our customers in corporate environments, industrial and agricultural areas and photo studios as well.

Our services include

We work with professional studio equipment (lighting, light shaping tools, backrounds), make-up specialist and photography assistant even on external locations.

We photograph events with multiple photographers when needed.

We operate along a well organized workflow:
During the preliminary discussions, apart fom the logistic details (like date and venue, number and size of the images) we clarify our customer's artistic visions and usage plans of the pictures. After discussing the requirements we make proposals on the make-up and style, locations and poses, camera angles and lighting, and we prepare a detailed execution plan and provide a break down of our offer.

We deliver our photographs in digital format in resolutions and color spaces for the Web and print and we can arrange high quality printing of the final product as well.

We are familiar with the corporate environment. We sensibly and efficiently communicate at any level of the hierarchy in English and Hungarian.

We keep deadlines and do creative and high quality work.

From our prices

Corporate headshot with image post processing in resolutions for the Web and print12.500 HUF
Environmental executive portrait, 3 post processed photos in resolutions for the Web and print30.000 HUF
Event photography per hour (minimum 3 hours)11.500 HUF

For a detailed offer call us or contact us in email.